About Us

Our Mission

We enable our clients to achieve their goals through our commitment to people, knowledge and technology.

Our Vision
We aspire to be economic and profitable partners for our valued clients. Our people are our strength and they enjoy what they do. We achieve personal and corporate growth in an environment that is caring, passionate and efficient.

Our Core Values
We value honesty, integrity and accountability. We proudly shoulder our responsibility.

We value passion.
We value the drive for excellence - for the client, the company and ourselves.

We value the pursuit of knowledge. Learning never ends! We are committed to acquiring knowledge and sharing with others.

We value profit.
We recognize that profit is essential to sustain our business and to invest in our future.

We value a commitment to change. In the context of an ever-changing industry, we believe in exchanging healthy ideas with clients, to better understand their needs and to change the way we respond to them with creativity and efficiency.

We value professionalism.
We conduct our business to the utmost satisfaction of our clients and ourselves. We communicate responsively, treat others with dignity and respect, and efficiently fulfill our responsibilities with diligence.

We value loyalty.
We are committed to the success of IQ Networks through honesty and customer satisfaction. We strive towards a healthy and close relationship with our clients.